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Frequency-domain Design of Lead and Lag Controllers

Author: Bouška Tomáš

Bakalářské práce 2009

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The purpose of this bachelor thesis was the creation of a set of procedures that can be used to perform a graphical design of Lead and Lag controllers with respect to desired phase margin and gain margin. The controller parameters can be found for a system represented by its transfer function using the implemented method. The solution is drawn as a curve in a plane which is a part of graphical user interface (GUI). In order to find the solution the system of equations describing the requirement for open loop frequency response to intersect a point in the complex plane placed to reflect the desired phase margin or gain margin have to be solved. The environment of the application MATLAB is used for the method implementation. Thanks to this thesis a simple tool designed in a bachelor thesis with a close subject could be modified to allow the design of Lead and Lag controllers.

Bp 2009 bouska tomas.pdf