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Models for programmable logic controllers Rockwell Automation

Author: Ivančák Petr

Bakalářské práce 2009

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The task of this study is to modernize manipulator model and to interconnect programable automat SLC 500 and „Ball and Beam“ preparation. Realized changes were fixed in necessary documentation to clear principes of these changes and to allow future improvements. There were prepared some exercises for students working on these preparations. Realized solutions recpect necessarities and limitations of laboratory K23 of departement of control engineering on FEE CTU in Prague, where these preparations serve. Manipulator model was realized in modernized and new versions. The modernized one has only limited improvements. The new one has all realized improvements – „START“ and „STOP“ switches, second voltage source elimination, etc. The „Ball and beam“ preparation has a new interconnection to PLC incl. automatical control takeover possibility.

Bp 2009 ivancak petr.pdf