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Modern laboratory task for education subject A3B35APE -Applied electronics

Author: Makovička Martin

Bakalářské práce 2010

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The bachelor thesis deals with the laboratory workplace which is going to be aimed for teaching design and construction of electronic circuits be used particularly in a field of robotics and control technology. A form of mobile robot was chosen for the workplace which can demonstrate practical use of assembled circuits. After analyzing various possible solutions there have been used the concept of NXT Intelligent Brick from Lego mindstorms and freeware tools for working with this module. During the thesis, a prototype of processor module was designed for the workplace which is derived from NXT Intelligent Brick and adapted to the needs of the laboratory workplace. The prototype is supposed to verify the usability of this concept for teaching, improving the mechanical design and its usage to design exercises according to that potential. Testing the prototype is not part of this thesis because of press of time.

Bp 2010 makovicka martin.pdf