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Remote rendering of Gantt diagrams

Author: Radovan Černý

Bakalářské práce 2006

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My bachelor theis describes the hardware project of the inertial navigation equipment for the situations where no GPS signals are available - in caves or under water surface for example. The equipment is made of several sensors detecting the movement and direction information. There are important sensors involved:

  • tri-axes accelerometr detecting the acceleration value of the moving object
  • the sensors for measuring the values of the geomagnetic field (the electronic compas is constructed of these sensors
  • the gyroskope for accuration of the direstion data
  • the external modul with the inclinometrs detecting the equipment inclination.

All the values measured by these sensors are processed by the 16-bites microprocessor MSP430 produced by Texas Instrument company. The grafical touch display of the sufficient size is used for communication and vizualization. It is possible to save the measured and interpreted data to the equipment memory and transmit them by the PS232 interface to the PC to process or save them here if required.

Bp 2006 cerny radovan.pdf