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Modernisation of a machine to produce paint rollers

Author: Novotný Pavel

Bakalářské práce 2010

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The theme of my bachelor’s thesis is the modernization of paint rollers producing machines.The goal of this thesis is the complete replacement of obsolete and unreliable electric facilities of this machine by the following improvements. The replacement of the two present controlling systems by one system, introducing the interface visualization by a touch panel in the Czech language. The facilitation of setting all usefull parameters of the machine and parameters of the manufactoring cycle using the interface of the operator. Introducing the programmes of recipes and displaying the machine failures and alarms. Upgrading the reliability of this machine by adding the failures diagnosis. The replacement of the communication by means of the parts of this system by one line of the interface profibus. The replacement of original frequency inverters by new ones with the possibilities of advanced setting the regulators structure.

Bp 2010 novotny pavel.pdf