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Gantry crane motion stabilization under manual control

Author: Verner Michal

Bakalářské práce 2010

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This thesis presents the feed forward control of gantry crane under manual control. The goal of the control system is to minimize the swing of the load and to provide an operator friendly application. There are two control methods mentioned in this work. Both of them shape the input to reduce the output vibrations during movement of the crane. First method is called input shaping. There are three types of input shapers in this thesis. Every type has different properties and they differ in the robustness too. All shapers are tested on a mathematical model of gantry crane. The second method is a filtering technique. The filters do not pass energy at specific frequencies to the system. This eliminates the swing of the load, because oscillations modes are suppressed. Finally both methods are compared. The new control system is designed for the model in virtual reality. It is possible to control the model of the crane via joystick. The control system is designed by using simple operations. This helps to easy implementation to PLC. At the end of the work are presented results showing that the control system reduces residual swing of the load and helps operator to control the crane safely and easily. Designed system can be implemented into the real gantry crane.

Bp 2010 verner michal.pdf