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Control of toy car model on freeway

Author: Ondřej Penc

Bakalářské práce 2011

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This work describes the development of a selfdriven slotcar riding on a circuit, from analysis of track pannels, through assembling of an electronic part to programming and testing. The slotcar demonstrates function of used components especially sensors, driving elements and function modules of microcontroller \mbox{MCF51JM64}. The analysis of track pannels was used for a design of sensors, power supply and for simplification of mapping of the circuit. An h-bridge MC33931, which works in four-quadrant mode was chosen as a~driving element to a motor. A signal of an accelerometer was filtered and problems with delaying had to be solved. The accelerometer was good for measuring centrifugal acceleration through mapping and measured data agreed with the premises. In this aplication an SD card was used as a storage device for collected data from race and also USB tranceiver which enabling connection of microcontroller and standard computer. USB interface is used for programming of the microcontroller by the function called Bootloader instead of standard BDM iterface.

Bp 2011 penc ondrej.pdf