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Control of brush-less DC motors with use of FPGA device

Author: Vladimír Burian

Bakalářské práce 2011

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The bachelor thesis presents control of brush-less DC motors with use of field programmable gate arrays -- FPGA. The highest level of control is handled by softcore MCU running PXMC motion control library developed in PiKRON. MCU communicates with master system through a standard serial line RS232 using simple text-based and human-readable protocol. At the bottom level there is synthesized hardware doing motor commutation and being controlled by MCU. Method of modified sine wave commutation is implemented, but the design is proposed to be simply extensible by current controllers and so torque control. Beside of implementation there is described general operation of BLDC motors and basic principles of their control. Description of Xiling FPGA, which was used to implement design, is following. Few sections are also intended for development tools, synthesis process and hardware description languages.

Bp 2011 burian vladimir.pdf