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Modeling and simulations of motion of particle ensembles in force fields

Author: Jan Kohout

Bakalářské práce 2011

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This thesis deals with simulation of motion of objects in controlled force fields. The main outcome is a set of Matlab functions which allow describing the fields both analytically (giving a mathematical expression for the field) and numerically (giving a set of spatially sampled values of the field). The functions generate trajectories of the particles. Functionality of the simulator is demonstrated for the application domain of dielectrophoretic micromanipulation wherein uncharged yet polarizable microparticles feel some force when exposed to a nonhomogeneous electric field. The work also includes a routine for numerical approximation of the dielectrophoretic force field obviating the need to solve Laplace equation (in order to find the electric field intensity).

Bp 2011 kohout jan.pdf