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Project development for improvement of the alarm system of the one-family houses

Author: Jakub Tesař

Bakalářské práce 2011

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Achievement of this thesis was an acquaintance with the current situation of family house security system in locality nearby Prague. On the basis of the current situation analysis, two possible alternatives of the current system completion with GSM communicator and its replacement by a new system were proposed. The current system is no longer supported by its producer, therefore a possibility of its replacement and an improvement by the new system was considered. This system meets all the conditions of modern trends and along with it, an option of retrofitting by optional accessories is offered, which increases housing comfort. The new system project is divided into four parts, which are gradated according to its price and house security quality. In case of displeasure of immediate system’s replacement, options of system’s completion by GSM communicator and recommended steps of its subsequent innovation are considered.

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