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Position servomechanism controll regarding dynamic stiffness of output

Author: Martin Ron

Bakalářské práce 2012

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The goal of this bachelor thesis is to create mathematical model of the given system of linear servomechanism with linear motor as the actuator and then consequent realization of the cascade controlling of this system. This is to be done with aim for the sharpest possible setting of given regulation driver. In the process I fitted my model for the real measurement on modeled system. I created linear and also nonlinear model of servomechanism. In the next step I have designed three consequent regulation loops and so I have compiled cascade controlling of the system. At the end there is measurement on the controlled servomechanism and evaluation of the results of its properties in context with dynamic stiffness of the carriage of the motor for different settings of position loop regulator.

Bp 2012 ron martin.pdf