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Localization system for robotic swarms

Author: Vojtěch Cajtler

Bakalářské práce 2013

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This bachelor thesis presents the algorithm for video image analysis which is being used for relative localization of micro aerial vehicles by the IMR group. It also describes the approach to modify this algorithm so it can be used for localization in robotic swarm. Theoretical part of the thesis deals with field of robotics and the basic categorization of robots. Subsequent chapter provides the necessary information concerning the mobile robot localization. In particular, the principles of visual localization and localization of multi-robot systems are presented. Practical part of the presented work deals with the system SyRoTek and its localization modul. Next part is devoted to principles of pattern detection, geometry of the operational space and computational complexity of the aforementioned localization algorithm. Then two different ways to approach needed modifications of algorithm are presented. Proposed solutions are implemented and their computational complexity is compared. Last part of the thesis present comparation of error of relative distance estimation of SyRoTek modul and modified algorithm.

Bp 2013 cajtler vojtech.pdf