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Charged particle motion in ion engine near the validity of adiabatic approximation

Author: Matúš Cvengroš

Bakalářské práce 2013

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Main goal of this thesis is the study of charged particle motion in discharge chamber of Hall ion thruster with impact from axial electric and radial magnetic field. Throughout the work we use the theory of adiabatic approximation, which is mentioned mainly at the end and subsequently described in more details. In theory, we are discussing basic principles of electromagnetism, which are applied on more specific derivation of physical attributes of Hall effect ion thruster. Because of actual charged particle motion, Lorentz equation was explained and derived for relativistic case, as in our case it is the main aspect of creating differential equations of motion. Also, electric and magnetic field was designed, representing approximation of real fields that take presence in Hall ion thruster. Later on we move to introduction to numerical methods for computing solutions of equations of motion, where these methods are applied for simulations of charged particle motion inside of Hall effect ion thruster.

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