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Theoretical Limitations in Vehicle Passive and Active Suspension Systems

Author: Jindřich Chaloupek

Bakalářské práce 2006

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Theoretical limitations in active and passive suspension systems consists in comparison frequency characteristics and responses both systems on various input signals. Between input signals are used white noise, step unit and sine wave. Along solving this task, I target on the quarter car model, which was for determination frequency responses given. First of all is necessary to analyze and define individual types of suspension, theirs applications and especially technological fabrications individual types from passive across semi-active till active suspension. Technological fabrications with summary of technical parameters and specification of advantages and disadvantages are shown individual types of suspension.

In fine are determination theoretical limitations, which rise during undesirable suspension input signals from roadway. Next is comparison active and passive suspension with the same input signals. Determinate frequency responses for both systems are comparison final frequencies with their effects on human. Measuring was performed for different tire stiffness, unsprung mass beside different types of suspensions.

Bp 2006 chaloupek jindrich.pdf