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Fast Synthetic Terrain for Glass-Cockpit System[edit]

Author: Martin Kerhart

Bakalářské práce 2013

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Level of detail algorithms allow a fast and effective visualization of complex 3D models. Their typical usage is a terrain rendering. The main goal of this thesis is the study of level of detail algorithms and their application for displaying a terrain in 3D graphics. After the theoretical elaboration follows the description of two algorithms and their comparison. The more effective algorithm was used in the final application abble to render a vast terrain. The surface of the terrain is made by combination of altitude data from The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and aerial photographs obtained from the server Mapy.cz. The application serves as a prototype of navigation in glass cockpit for ultralight airplanes. The program can be connected to FlightGear Flight Simulator and then gathered data are visualized on the graphical aerial instruments.

Bp 2013 kerhart martin.pdf