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Laboratory models and Real-Time Windows Target

Author: Radek Soukup

Bakalářské práce 2013

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The main goal of the work is remake of computer’s models used for controling real-time systems at laboratory of Department of Control Engineering FEL CTU in Prague. Computer’s models were created in Matlab/Simulink environment using Real-Time (RT) toolbox developed by Humusoft. The reason of remaking the models was that the Real-Time Windows Target (RTWT) toolbox includes RT toolbox functionality in new version of Matlab R2012b which means that Humusoft dosn’t continue in developing. New models were created and tested in RTWT toolbox to be able to run onWindows 7 64bit platform. The work also contains tutorial of making easy model in RTWT toolbox and introduction of Data Acquisition (DAQ) card for PC.

Bp 2013 soukup radek.pdf