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Wireless data collection from a network of proximity readers[edit]

Author: Ondřej Vinkler

Bakalářské práce 2013

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In this bachelor thesis a system, that can collect data from a wireless network of proximity readers, is designed and programmed. The core of the system is a wireless network which has a star topology with main node called coordinator and other nodes. The proximity readers are conected to nodes using a device called 914HotMAX. The coordinator is connected to a computer using a RS-232 interface. The network and all other connections are programmed to avoid a packet collision during the communication. A program for main computer realises a communication with the coordinator and sends incoming data from contactless readers to a MySQL database. The system is fully functional in a laboratory enviroment, but for a instalation in real conditions it needs more testing and some minor hardware adjustments.

Bp 2013 vinkler ondrej.pdf