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Optically controlled and sensed micromanipulation - basic setup

Author: Jakub Tomášek

Bakalářské práce 2013

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This thesis investigates two topics related to the use of optics in dielectrophoresis. First, it focuses on optically induced dielectrophoresis, which is a physical phenomenon enabling contactless manipulation with microparticles by projecting specialized light patterns onto a substrate. The main outcomes of the thesis are the design and the realization of a laboratory setup. In addition, numerous experiments were carried out to confirm the functionality. In the experiments, negative dielectrophoretic force induced by the image patterns was ob-served. Second, the thesis examines the applicability of a cheap lensless CMOS image sensor as a minimalistic solution for an optical feedback for fluidic micromanipulation platforms. The sensor can detect objects as small as 5µm, for example yeast cells. Also, a precise feedback manipulation with 50-micron polystyrene beads is demonstrated. It is shown that the accuracy provided by this cheap lensless sensor is comparable to that provided by a bulky combination of a standard microscope and an off-the-shelf camera. The experiments in both parts of the thesis are accompanied by numerical simulations.

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