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Analysis of Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on Electricity market and Transmission System Imbalance

Author: Sufjan Doula

Bakalářské práce 2014

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The constantly increasing efforts of public institutions to protect the natural environment encourage greater use of renewable resources such as wind power, hydropower, biomass, ge- othermal energy or solar energy. However, one of the disadvantages of this approach is the irregularity in the supply of energy that depends on the weather conditions in wind power plants, or problems with fluctuations in energy supply based on the intensity of sunlight in photovoltaic power plants.The aim of this bachelor thesis is both to clarify the functioning of the electricity market and mainly to find out how the difficult forecasting of energy production in photovolatic power plants influences the stability of electricity transmission systems and trading on the electricity markets The outcome of this thesis is a statistical analysis of market data, that processes the influence of the difference between the predicted and actual electricity produced by photo- voltaic power plants on the sum of deviation in transmission system and on the quantitiy and price of energy traded on power spot markets.

Bp 2014 doula sufjan.pdf
P 2014 doula sufjan.pdf