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Modelling the influence of customer satisfaction on company's profitability

Author: Monika Dvořáková

Bakalářské práce 2014

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In present hypercompetitive market environment of car producers established especially at the developed west european markets is very difficult to gain new customers and increase the market share. The car producing companies have to use all possibilities to build and increase customer loyalty and ensure the sustainable growth of market share. One possibility how to improve customer's loyality to brand is to provide the highest standard at both sales and service department and carefully monitor the customer satisfaction.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a suitable model of market share at a given country. As the inputs of the model the key indikators of customer satisfaction, sales and service and also the macroeconomical data has been used. The target market for my analysis is Germany.

As an output of this thesis come proposed models which simulate the desired market share most precisely. This way are also determined the indicators which have the direct impact on development of the market share.

Bp 2014 dvorakova monika.pdf
P 2014 dvorakova monika.pdf