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Automotive Active Suspension System

Author: Aleš Kozojed

Bakalářské práce 2006

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I design in this bachelor thesis an automotive active suspension controller using fuzzy theory. Using of an automotive active suspension has two main reasons. The first is increasing ride comfort and the second is improving handling performance. This requirements are contradictory and it’s impossible to satisfy them with passive suspension simultaneously. I design the controler for automotive active suspension I design at first for a quarter car model, then for a half car model.

The basic parts of the quater car model are wheel, feather, inhibitor and actuator. As actuator I think a linear driving source of power. The quater model has folowing inputs: undercar speed, undercar acceleration and wheel speed. The half car models consists of two quater car models. Compared with the quater car model the half model uses folowing informations from the undercar: centre of gravity speed, centre of gravity acceleration. Controllers are designed for minimalization both deviation from wheel and undercar. From executed simulation passes that the designed active car suspension whith fuzzy controller realizes all our requirements.

Bp 2006 kozojed ales.pdf