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Automatic irrigation of houseplants

Author: Al Reyahi Karim

Bakalářské práce 2016

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The main goal of this project is the design and realization of automatic irrigation system for houseplants with an opportunity to remotely (on the webpage) observe the units of the environment surrounding plants. The Wi-Fi data transfer is managed by the module ESP8266, which has the best parameters considering its cost. There is also the possibility to relocate the part of the system with tank, which is located near the flowerpot. Due to this feature there is an accumulator used as a power supply. Creation of the bond graphs for water intake, transport and evapotranspiration is also part of this thesis. A math model considering the plant local conditions of the whole irrigation cycle physical principles is created according to the bond graphs. With the help of math model, there is a regulator, which maintains the optimal soil moisture. In the end of this thesis there are some suggestions for possible future upgrades of the project.

Bp 2016 alreyahi karim.pdf
P 2016 alreyahi karim.pdf