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Jailhouse hypervisor

Author: Baryshnikov Maxim

Bakalářské práce 2016

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This bachelor thesis is dedicated to Jailhouse, Linux-based partitioning hypervisor, which provides the software solution for asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP). This thesis describes the main concepts and operation principles of this hypervisor, contributes the implementation of the simple demo application (interacting with High Precision Event Timer) and shows how a small operating system (L4 Fiasco.OC) was ported inside the partition of this hypervisor. Another part of this work is an evaluation of shared memory hierarchy influence on real-time properties of software running under Jailhouse. Benchmarks were implemented and applied in Jailhouse partitions to investigate how significant that influence will be. Tests showed (for two CPUs interacted with each other) the approximately 220% slowdown of memory accesses bandwidth in the worst case. This is the result of partitions' competition about L3 cache which is shared among the CPU cores.

Bp 2016 baryshnikov maxim.pdf
P 2016 baryshnikov maxim.pdf