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Connection of a Kinect sensor and an industrial robot

Author: Dastych Lukáš

Bakalářské práce 2016

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This work deals with the connection of the image sensor Kinect with an industrial robotic manipulator so that the robot performs motion demonstrated by the person in front of the Kinect sensor. The aim of this work was to design an appropriate way of transferring data from the Kinect sensor to the robot control system and building on it to create a robotic program that will perform the movement through the points specified coordinates entered via Kinect. Ethernet network was chosen as the most suitable way of transferring data. A supplement KUKA Ethernet KRL was used in the robot control system for communication control and execution of movement. The result of this work is fully functional demonstration application combining an image sensor Kinect, an external PC, robot controller, the superior PLC and the visualization operator panel.

Bp 2016 dastych lukas.pdf
P 2016 dastych lukas.pdf