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Topological Exploration and On-line Terrain Classification for Hexapod Walking Robot

Author: Kabelka Vojtěch

Bakalářské práce 2016

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In this project, we examine one of desired key skills of mobile robots - topological exploration in an unstructured rough environment. We aim to learn whether the proprioceptive sensing of terrain as the exploration subject is applicable. A novel method for an off-the-shelf six legged robot is proposed, which exploits the adaptive motion gait for rough terrain traversal, the on-line terrain classification, and autonomous behaviour in the form of wall-following. The designed method is extensively validated through series of indoor experiments. The proposed overall solution shows promising outcomes and proves to be plausible, albeit the results are not faultless. Moreover, the dependency of the terrain classification correctness on the robot's speed is uncovered. For example it has been found that the robot crawling faster classifies ca. 20 % more correctly. This thesis gains results that provide new insight into the field of proprioceptive sensing, terrain distinguishability and further exhibits the possibilities of the used robotic platforms, e.g., reliable autonomous behaviour in an unknown environment.

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P 2016 kabelka vojtech.pdf