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Visualization of EEG data

Author: Kumpánová Kristýna

Bakalářské práce 2016

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The goal of this bachelor thesis was to create set of scripts in MATLAB enviroment, which (1) provides estimate of power spectral density and coherences and (2) provides display of multichannel results of analysis. In this thesis two types of multichannel visualization were implemented. The first type consists of several graphs each of which represents certain EEG electrode in one picture -- which can be used to visualize power spectral density. Second type uses colored lines connecting two electrodes to display relation between them -- which can be used to visualize coherences. In addition to coherences and power spectral density, correlations, spectrograms and average powers among frequency band commonly used in EEG were implemented. The solution was verified on real EEG data.

Bp 2016 kumpanova kristyna.pdf
P 2016 kumpanova kristyna.pdf