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Construction of 3D Point Clouds Using LiDAR

Author: Trafina Tomáš

Bakalářské práce 2016

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The purpose of this work is to develop a system which establishes communication between LiDAR, IMU and GPS, makes necessary calculations over the acquired data and constructs 3D map using point cloud technology. Reduction of data imprecisions and uncertainty is also major objective of this thesis. To verify the hardware was set up onto an UGV, later it will be moved onto an UAV. The vehicle was used for testing data capture right after the communication protocols and calculation algorithms were found reliable and fully functional. Eventually, computational algorithm's corrections and further sesnors calibrations were needed for precise outcome. The system supports automation in measuring and mapping of landscapes and built-up areas. It significantly accelerates the process of creating usable data for related software applications, which are able to classify the point cloud's content, process it and therefore provide the user with relevant set of information about the scanned area.

Bp 2016 trafina tomas.pdf
P 2016 trafina tomas.pdf