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TaSysTest and EXAM software interface implementation

Author: Veselka Michal

Bakalářské práce 2016

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The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to implement the interface between the test tool TaSysTest and the EXAM software. TaSysTest is a testing tool that uses models specified timed automata for testing and EXAM is a graphical testing environment for performing integration tests of automotive electronics used primarily by Volkswagen concern. The interconnection allows testing systems specified by timed automaton using hardware-in-the-loop testing on different platforms available in testing software EXAM. The thesis examines the said software tools, then suggests appropriate software architecture to connect them and in conclusion is implemented in the form of sample test demonstrated the functionality of the interface model locking the car.

Bp 2016 veselka michal.pdf
P 2016 veselka michal.pdf