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An application programming interface for the MORSE simulator

Author: Bertl Lukáš

Bakalářské práce 2017

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Thesis presents the CCMorse, a simulator communication library, that I have created. The thesis also describes the development process of a MORSE simulation environment. The thesis discusses the theory of robotic middlewares and robotic simulators first. It contains a brief introduction to various simulators which are compared for the purposes of simulating mobile robots, followed by a description the CCMorse library that enables the user to write a client application in the C++ language using the Player interface and run it in the MORSE simulator. At the end, thesis illustrates incorporation of a simulator into the existing system, it illustrates the creation process of the simulated representation of the system and it shows the practical usage of the library in an introductory course to mobile robotics. CCMorse can be utilized to implement another API on top of the Player and it can be also altered to support another simulator besides MORSE, thanks to its layered structure.