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Robotic Rubik's Cube Solver

Author: Nováková Hana

Bakalářské práce 2018

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Robotic Rubik's Cube solving is an interesting topic for educational and presentational purposes, as it combines robotics, informatics, electrotechnics and engineering. This thesis is dealing with design and construction of such a robot, focusing on construction simplicity, affordability and availability of its hardware and software components. An overview of existing builds is presented along with their advantages and disadvantages. Based on that knowledge, mechanical and electronic designs are created. Several parts are produced using a 3D printer. The paper also focuses on robot's software design, mainly the computer vision problem of detecting colors from the cube at the beginning of the task. Localization of the cube and adaptation of the color classification algorithm to the unknown lighting conditions is discussed. Another algorithm translates the standardized cube solution notation string into the signals controlling robot's mechanical parts. The solution string itself is obtained using Kociemba's two phase algorithm. This algorithm was used in several robots breaking the world time record in robotic Rubik's Cube solving. A construction manual and source codes of the 3D printed parts are included as well as the control software. With these materials provided, one is able to construct the designed robot.