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Simulator of Petri Net

Author: Jan Ramba

Bakalářské práce 2006

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This project aims to create the Petri Nets simulator. It is a part of a bigger project whose goal is to develop discrete event systems simulator capable of communication with control system using OPC interface. Simulator will enable to comfortably debug control system at the model of controlled system.

Created application makes it possible to manage the development of the Interpreted Petri Net. It is assumed that the Petri Net is created in some of existing complex Petri Net graphical editor and saved in PNML, the standardized exchange format for Petri Nets. It is possible to save the state of Petri Net as a PNML file. A control of a simulation is accomplished either via manual selection of the transition to fire or via automatic (random) selection of the transition to fire. The random selection of the transition enables to start the sequence of demanded number and the period of firings. Application is implemented in C# programming language.

Bp 2006 ramba jan.pdf