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Car Crash Recorder

Author: Ladislav Růžička

Bakalářské práce 2006

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This bachelor degree work describes a design of a black box in a car. Kernel device is based on processor PXA255 produced by the firm Intel, which is installed on a sliding module. The operating system Linux 2.4 is installed on the module. The main circuits of the device are interfaces for USB Host (with the help of which a camera will be connected to the board), the interface for the communication with the car is the bus CAN (Controller Area Network) and a set of acceleration meters and A/D convertors. The design consists of several parts: 1. the determination of parameters of the device, 2. the selection of a suitable camera meeting our requirements, 3. the design of a selected device and its implementation. As an illustration the work is completed with inserts.

Bp 2006 ruzicka ladislav.pdf