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Profibus DP slave based on SPC4

Author: Martin Váňa

Bakalářské práce 2006

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This thesis is aimed at the brief introduction to industrial field bus Profibus DP. Further goal is hardware design of Profibus DP slave machine based on ASIC circuit Siemens SPC4-2. Microprocessor evolution kit MCF5235BCC based on Freescale ColdFire M5235 makes use of SPC4-2 as a peripheral device. Final part deals with development of software for controlling SPC4-2 circuit. I am going to continue on this thesis in the following years as a sequent implementation of higher version of Profibus DP V1, V2. Furthermore this work supposes for utilization to motion control application via Profibus field bus.

Bp 2006 vana martin.pdf