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Mechanical systems vibration control

Author: Otto Cerman

Bakalářské práce 2007

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The base of this bachelor’s thesis is so called Active Suspension for the cars. This system makes to suspense vibrations possible the best that are caused by crossing of cars over roadway’s inequality and that they operate for crew negatively during the longer working. Active suspension enables to accomodate two antagonistic demands mutually – to raise mounted comfort and mounted features of cars too. A linear motor is used as an action member whose suitability for this usage was just an question of this bachelor’s thesis.

I use simplification one-quarter-car model and classical way of control in this bachelor’s thesis. I create mathematical description for this model and Simulink Model on that I compare results with no-control (passive) suspension. The component of this thesis is also acquaintance with Toolbox Simulink Response Optimalization that is constituent part of programme Matlab-Simulink and its examination on this model. In system’s model was used also a model of realistic roadway that isn’t component of Simulink. I demonstrated that by means of active suspension is possible to raise quality of mounted comfort during the keeping of the same good mounted car’s features.

Bp 2007 cerman otto.pdf