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EtherNet/IP a ControlNet[edit]

Author: Kožnar Jakub

Diplomové práce 2003

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Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) developed NetLinx network architecture, which consists of three industrial networks. The DeviceNet network is found in the lowest layer; it has replaced the older industrial network Remote I/O. ControlNet forms the middle layer of this architecture by substitution for older DH+ and DH485 networks. Finally the highest layer consists of an EtherNet/IP network. These three networks use a common communication protocol – Control and Information Protocol (CIP). The first part of this diploma thesis comprises a description of CIP implementation for a standard ethernet network and a description of the physical layer of the EtherNet/IP network suitable for use in an industrial environment. Additionally, there is an analysis of a few types of communication used on EtherNet/IP networks to assist in demonstrating claims in preceeding chapters. This thesis also considers EtherNet/IP and ControlNet networks with a focus on performance comparison and verification.

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