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Control of an automotive active suspension[edit]

Author: Aleš Kruczek

Diplomové práce 2003

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In this diploma thesis I design controller for an automotive active suspension using H infinity theory.

Using of an automotive active suspension has two main reasons - increase ride comfort and improve handling performance. Both of this requirements are contradictory and it's impossible to satisfy them only with passive suspension simultaneously.

Basis of the whole design is, of course, model choosing. At first I use a quarter car model representation, which consists of wheel, suspension, spring and actuator. It is considered, that actuator is linear control power source. I design and compare various type of control for this model, be concrete, the PID, LQ and obviously H infinity. From result evidently appear usability of the H infinity theory for an automotive active suspension, respecting both robustness and performance of control system.

The next step is using of a~half vehicle model, thus integration of two quarter car models for front and rear axles. In addition this model include interaction between wheels upon drive in road irregularity and it is also possible to simulate braking and accelerating. For this model is also approved using of the H infinity theory.

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