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Optimal System for Regulation of Temperature Design.[edit]

Author: Staněk Petr

Diplomové práce 2003

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To find the optimal heating system and to create a computer simulation model of this system demands the following information: the geographic position of a heated building and the computation of its thermal loss. I chose a family house with a thermal loss 15 kW near Prague, Czech Republic. I chose the heating system by ecological and economical costs and I prefered alternative sources of energy (solar and low-potential energy). The reason was, that the world’s sources of traditional energy (petroleum, coal, gas etc.) are diminishing. Therefore, I suggested a heating system, which is composed of a heat pump (air – water) in bivalent traffic with an elektrokettle utilizing floor heating. The simulation model was made using the program SIMULINK, which is a part of program package MATLAB. The model describes the situation, when the equitherm regulator adjust the temperature of heated water for determined outdoor temperature and the indoor thermostat regulates the indoor temperature. In conclusion, an economic analysis was made, which contains the computation of the return rate of the investment in comparison to other traditional ways of heating.

Dp 2003 stanek petr.pdf