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Industrial Communication Module[edit]

Author: Šůcha Přemysl

Diplomové práce 2003

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The diploma thesis describes a design of universal communication module between Profibus DP/PA and RS232. Design is based on ASIC components DPC31 and SIM1 that are specially designed for Profibus slave devices. Utility of this module is shown on real application - interface between Profibus DP/PA and controller of brushless DC motors.

Theoretic part begins by introduction into hazardous areas. Problem of Profibus PA and intrinsically safe systems is emphasised. Further the basis of Profibus is explained. Proper design explains development of hardware and software.

Nine appendixes with schematics, detail description of implemented profile, list of configuration GSD file and some samples of measurements with oscilloscope extend description.

Dp 2003 sucha premysl.pdf