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Profibus modul pro USB[edit]

Author: Hofman Miloš

Diplomové práce 2003

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This thesis describes a development of a communication device, which is equiped with interfaces Profibus, RS-232, USB and Ethernet. As a main communication item is used Motorola 68360 microcontroller. Universality with the possibility of expansion of this device by another modules is emphasised.

For the USB connection a separate controller is used, which converts serial data from USB to parallel data for Motorola controller. Remaining periphery are operated directly over optical couplers and bus drivers by the main controller.

The software part is focused at the configuration of the controller and the communication controller, which is its component (integrated on the chip). The basis is a take a run of the RS-232 channel, that mostly serves as a terminal to display the debugging data. In final phase Profibus channel service routines were created and tested for a communication with a slave station. Software equipment is designed so that it's possible to communicate on more channels simultaneously. This allows to connect the device to a redundant bus.

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