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Multi-heating system[edit]

Author: Kalenský Martin

Diplomové práce 2003

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This dissertation is dedicated to a design of multi-heating system and a creation of computerized simulation figure of the exact object. Whole design and all calculations are made for family house with 16.3 kW heat loss. The house will be situated in Czech Republic near Prague. I tried to prefer environmental claims and economic aspects (not to harm environment and to save energy) during the selection of the heating system. Multi-heating system which includes gas domestic boiler with radiator heating system fulfils all the requirements. It will also uses the solar device for water heating. The simulation model is made in SIMULINK program which is a part of package MATLAB. The dynamic features and quality of control of used heating system can be reviewed by means of computerized simulation figure. The model can be also used for right setting of the thermostat. The economic balance of designed system, return of investments into the solar device and comparison of expenses for heating of different sort of energy can be found at the end of the dissertation.

Dp 2003 kalensky martin.pdf