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Software for remote visualization[edit]

Author: Vrubel Michal

Diplomové práce 2003

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The diploma thesis describes a design of a software for remote visualization. Software has been designed for purposes of visualization in branch of industrial automation. Here proposed solution presumes using of www browser as a platform for visualization interface and takes advantage of Java applets. Interface allows monitoring of remote technological processes. Solution uses CORBA architecture and CORBA network protocol for technological data transfer across computer network. As source for technological data is used OPC server. Teoretical part of diploma thesis describes CORBA architecture and brings introduction in CORBA and practical findings for developers of CORBA aplications. Practical part of diploma thesis describes implementation of that kind of software. Design is split in three parts. First part describes a design of CORBA-OPC bridge, which will be used for interconnection between CORBA and OPC. Second part describes a design and an implementation of a simple tool for creating visualization for technological processes. Third part describes an implementation of vizualization applet. Software is demonstrated in the visualization task for color ball sorter installed in laboratory of department of control engineering, faculty of electrical engineering, CTU in Prague.

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