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Controller Design For Heating System Of A Building[edit]

Author: Lukas Ferkl

Diplomové práce 2004

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This work brings a solution for a heating control in the church of St. Theresa from Lisieux in Prague 8 - Kobylisy. A 3 year operational data history is available. I performed an analysis of these data, gathered the available technical information about the existing system, made a system model and based upon the acquired knowledge, I have designed a cascade control, with a PD controller in the inner loop regulating the heating water temperature, and an equithermal control regulating the inside temperature in the church. I implemented the system on a PC as a C program, and tested in operation. There were no serious problems during the testing period and the system is fully operational.

In the scope of this work I have made an ARX modeling, robust control design using an Hinf method, a control strategy based upon the outside temperature forecast and a 3-position incremental PID inner loop controller design for further upgrade of the system.

Dp 2004 ferkl lukas.pdf