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Virtual Model of Production with PCI-1750[edit]

Author: Jankovský Vojtěch

Diplomové práce 2004

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The task of this diploma thesis is to design a software simulating traffic on crossroads. The crossing comprises four access roads for vehicles and four crossings for pedestrians. The traffic lights on the crossroads are controlled by PLC (programmable logic controller). The traffic control on the crossroads is based upon the information from the access-road sills and the inductive loop detectors. The sills are located on the access to the crossroads in all directions and the inductive loop detectors are located on the standings in front of the crossroads. By monitoring the signals of the sills and of the loops, it is possible to determine the number of vehicles waiting for the crossroads transit in respective directions, and based upon these values, it is possible to adjust the control.

In the crossroads traffic, pedestrians are involved as well. They are guided by the traffic lights, their arrival is indicated by pressing a button.

The model will be represented by an application for MS Windows platform and for the communication with PLC, an Advantech PCI-1750 card will be used.

Dp 2004 jankovsky vojtech.pdf