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Control of model using Internet[edit]

Author: Kutil Michal

Diplomové práce 2004

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This work describes design and construction of a model controlled by Internet and its visualization. The main part of the model is vertically orientated plastic tube. A flow of air from a ventilator levitates a body placed inside. The view to the model from web camera is available. The model is controlled either by a programmable logical controller PLC-5 or a personal computer equipped by special measuring card. There were designed two types of visualization accessible through the Internet. The first visualization uses the programmable controller, the second one the personal computer. The web pages issued by processor of programmable controller are only for process monitoring. Full control possibility gives web server that runs on a personal computer. There is a multi-user system for model access. The local control from Matlab’s Real-Time toolbox is available too.

Dp 2004 kutil michal.pdf