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Preparation of project oriented education of control systems[edit]

Author: Nekvinda Josef

Diplomové práce 2004

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In the first part of this work is described a program RSTune that is connected using DDE protocol to a program Simulink or programmable controller with mathematic simulation model system. The results of PID design by RSTune are compared with results of general PID design methods. The main part of this work considers a description of Motion module 1756-M02AE using program RSLogix 5000 and its demonstration on a servomechanism AMIRA DR300. The module is placed in a chassis of a programable automat ControlLogix with a processor Logix5550 designed by Allen-Bradley. For this system is designed a vizualization using a program RSView32 allowed set constants of system and its control. The new web pages were designed for Allen-Bradley laboratory presentation on the internet.

Dp 2004 nekvinda josef.pdf