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The Model of Linear Servomechanism and its Control[edit]

Author: Novák Jiří

Diplomové práce 2004

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The main goal of this master thesis is to design physical model of a linear servomechanism and its control. In practice, it is a model of the lathe, which can only copy surface of the finished workpiece. The position of the slide head is read from two incremental rotary sensors, the distance from the surface is measured by tactile inductive drift meter. The slide head movements are directed by ControlLogix programmable controller equipped with motion module. It is able to control the position of two independent axes. Manual control and personal computer connectivity is also available. The Continuous control course is presented in the second part of this thesis. It describes the design of regulators for technical stuff. The results of regulators setting are demonstrated on programmable logical controller.

Dp 2004 novak jiri.pdf