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Process Control System in Real-time Java[edit]

Author: Prochazka Tomas

Diplomové práce 2004

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This thesis describes features of JSTAMP board and aJ-80 microprocessor from aJile Systems included in JSTAMP. AJ-80 executes Java byte code as it’s own native instruction set and implements Java language basic mechanisms directly into processor’s hardware. Description is made in two parts. The first part is technical specification and aJ-80’s internal circuits introduction. The second part explains processor’s general behavior with focus on it's utilization in real-time control processing.

Showcase application running in JSTAMP and demonstrating its features and limits has been created as a part of this thesis. Application provides control system that drives DC engine model. JSTAMP is connected to PC that hosts client applicaton (CA). The CA sets control system’s parameters and displays major control process variables in graphical form.

Dp 2004 prochazka tomas.pdf