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Demonstrational enviroment for embedded systems[edit]

Author: Špinka Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2004

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This thesis is dealing with design and construction of embedded systems. It consists of two separate parts; in the first one, a design, construction and testing of a control unit for an automatic fish feeder is presented (including a design of the feeder itself). In the second one, a concept of a control unit for a model helicopter is described. Both of those devices are designed in a similar manner and have a lot of common properties. Both units are autonomous intelligent modules, connected to an industrial-standard bus (i.e. RS-485 and CANBUS respectively). Both devices also use servomechanisms as their actuators. While the fish feeder design is a completed project, including testing results, the model helicopter control unit is presented only as a conceptual idea for future development work.

Dp 2004 spinka ondrej.pdf