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Simulation of computer network - OPNET Modeler[edit]

Author: Cigánek Tomáš

Diplomové práce 2004

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Simulation software OPNET Modeler is a high effective and efficient tool for analysis, design and modeling networks. ORTE is a project, which implements middleware for design and using real-time aplications.

Goal of this work is to interconnect ORTE with OPNET Modeler by using of the special interface provided by OPNET Modeler and realize special versions of ORTE functions which accesses to network layer so they has variant for sending data to OPNET Modeler instead of common system network layer.

Other goal is to check posibility of cooperation of common network application and OPNET Modeler for their posible using in future on Departement of control engineering, CTU FEE in Prague.

Dp 2004 ciganek tomas.pdf