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Model of railway[edit]

Author: Havlík Dušan

Diplomové práce 2004

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This master thesis presents a railway model built for an assessment of possibilities of model simulations. Imitating a real railway structure the model incorporates three platforms with shunts and semaphores and feedback sensors together with two locomotives with carriages. Through a PIC16F877 microcontroller it is possible to control semaphores and shunt positions, monitor Locomotive model locations and digitally control movements the locomotive models via Digital Control Command standard. To allow a simulation of more complex control processes the microcontroller is managed by Simatic S7-315 2DP PLC, which is able of generating paths between desired points and to transfer the locomotion models between them. Easier to control, the entire control process is visualized via InTouch environment.

Dp 2004 havlik dusan.pdf